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2020 Tokyo Olympic Road Race Course Details [Results, Distribution, Spectators]

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At 11:00 on the first day of the event, the men’s cycling road race started.

The world’s top racers will start in Tokyo and aim for the Fuji Speedway of the goal.

Competition time
Men’s Road Race: 7/24 11:00-18:15
Women’s Road Race: 7/25 13:00-17:35

Click here for the cycling road race (men’s and women’s) courses announced on August 9, 2018.

The total distance of the course is about 244km for boys and 147km for girls.

The altitude gained (the total height from start to goal) is about 4,865m for men and 2,692m for women.

It is a heinous course only on the slope. A total of 5km of climbs…!

Let’s wake up to the map in detail.

In addition, you are asked what kind of place you will run, right?

I ran from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji on the course!

Men’s 7 hours and 45 minutes missed delivery on NHK!

Cycling (Road) Men’s Road Race Final


Women’gorin.jp LIVE delivery on the 25th with “Gorin.jp”!

Cycling (Road) Women’s Road Race Final

▼7/25 12:50 – 17:38▼


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